Frequently Asked Questions

About the cattle and beef: 
Q. Do you sell grass-fed beef? 
A. All our cattle eat grass… does that count? In all seriousness, we – and most of our customers – prefer the taste of beef from cattle that are finished on a complete grain ration. We worked with a Texas-based feed manufacturer to develop a nutrient-rich feed that includes small grains. Our feed is free-from all medications, including antibiotics, and the cattle have access to hay or grass 24/7. This approach not only gives the cattle more nutritional value than grass alone but is also a more sustainable option than relying on pastureland alone (read as: drought still happens).  

Q. Is your beef organic? 
A. No. But we stand behind the quality and care that goes into raising our cattle and would put it up against any big-box organic beef company any day.  

Q. How much beef can I expect to get with the Comissioner, Judge, Sheriff, et. al package? 

A. Just as you and I are likely different sizes, we cannot guarantee that every animal we process weighs the same. That means we also can’t guarantee the amount of beef you’ll get in any of our packages to a tee. In the product listing, you’ll see details on quantities and weight, which is our best estimate based on item averages.  

Q. Do you sell butter? 
A. No. We love our cows and that’d involve us stealing from their calves. Oh… and we also raise beef, not dairy cattle. 

Shipping and delivery:  
Q. When and where do you deliver? 
A. We will deliver to the Dallas/Ft. Worth-Metroplex once per month, typically the fourth weekend of each month. We aim to deliver to a location within a 20-minute drive of the address submitted with your order. However, we will confirm the delivery location prior to the scheduled delivery and give you the opportunity to cancel if it is outside of the 20-minute drive radius.

Q. Do you ship beef? 
A. Here’s the deal… shipping beef is kind of complicated…. Dry ice, perishable goods, yada yada. We don’t ship at this time but bug us enough and we may consider it down the road. 


Q. What is your return/refund policy?

A. We are unable to accept returns due to the perishable nature of our beef, but we hope to make things right. If you’re dissatisfied, please contact us within 24 hours of receiving the product and, at our discretion, we may choose to issue a refund or gift card for future use.  

Visiting the ranch:  
Q. Can I show up unannounced? 
A. The county tax appraiser did once. She found it really hard to keep driving when she saw a middle-aged man walking back to the house in nothing but his birthday suit.  It’s even harder to introduce yourself and your business on the ranch in this scenario. Trust me when I say it’s better if we know you’re coming.

Q. Do I have to work if I visit? 
A. Do you have to? Absolutely not. But you might like it! Your ranch visit is just that – yours. Some enjoy helping us around the ranch with the cattle and other chores, while others truly want a quiet escape from work and all other responsibilities. We’ll accommodate either end of the spectrum and everyone in between.