About Us

Jason and Lisa Davis founded Crosswind Ranch in 2015 with a dream of sharing the ranching lifestyle they have come to love with others who may or may not be familiar with the industry.


Like many, Jason has family roots in agriculture, but hasn’t made a living in production ag. He has fond memories of childhood summers spent helping Jack Davis, AKA Captian Jack, his 3rd generation rancher grandfather, harvest acres of hay. While a successful career in the tech industry has allowed him to provide for his family of 8, he has always dreamt of the day when he can trade his laptop and conference calls for the manual work and serenity of ranch life – working from dusk to dawn and serving as a steward for the livestock and forage produced on his land.


Slowly but surely with a lot of faith and a commitment to continuous improvement of their cattle and property, Crosswind Ranch is turning Jason and Lisa’s dream into reality.